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Tool Steel Rolls

Leadar Roll manufactures high wear resistant rolls in a variety of high performance steels, including a line of centrifugal cast (ForMax) and a line of composite bonded rolls (CBR).

Leadar Roll specializes in Tool Steel rolls and we recognize when and where to use these rolls to achieve a favorable cost-to-benefit ratio as related to overall roll life. With an average additional roll life exceeding five-times that of a conventional roll it is easy to see why these rolls are perfectly suited to help those customers that want to continuously improve their operations. Our Tool Steel products do not require any additional hardware to operate.

We are proud to offer the following series of tool steel rolls:

  • Composite Bonded (two-part powdered metal)
  • ForMax (centrifugal cast)

Our Composite Bonded roll is unique in that it provides a single roll with a high performance working surface and a "tough" high strength roll neck. Its design is simple and reliable without having the complicated and sometimes troublesome need for mechanical fixtures. The Composite Bonded roll can be made with a range of tool steels or high speed steels. The advantages of the Composite Bonded roll are as follows:

  • 100% density
  • Fine grain structure (uniform carbide distribution)
  • Equalized microstructures
  • Unified hardness from new to scrap diameter
  • Improved surface finish
  • High attainable hardness
  • Greater resistance to fatigue and mechanical damage

Our Composite Bonded tool steel has a critical balance of carbon and high vanadium, which enhances the toughness and heat check resistance as a result of rolling mill heat and pressure. Our composite bonded roll is manufactured using hot isostatic pressing of powdered metal onto a steel shaft. Overall, the powder metallurgical process produces a very homogenous, fine grain size microstructure (see figure below), thus producing a superior surface finish on a variety of rolled products. The composite bonded roll process provides superior dimensional stability, good machinability and toughness over that of conventional or other tool steels.

Our ForMax product line is a series of tool steels that are centrifugally cast in order to allow a solid roll to be formed with a dissimilar surface material relative to the core material. We are pleased to offer our customers this product line.

Click here to examine examples of how Leadar Roll would match Tool Steel material grades to your specific applications.

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